Because Life is the Real Thing

Because life is the real thing.
And running away is hitting rock bottom.
Because there is no such thing as turning back.
And there’s only one way – and it’s moving forward.

A mistake made.
A lesson learned.
And one heart’s pieces glued back together.
So yes, everything happens for a reason.
And no, you may never know why.

One response to “Because Life is the Real Thing

  • girlgeum

    Agree and disagree. Motivational, but yet . .

    Options. A person can turn back, running away hitting rock bottom.

    Everything does happen for a reasons, and sometimes, probably later on, we see why.

    Both sides to life, but we use which side we’re going to “live” on while diminishing, but maybe not denying the existence the path we choose not to go down.

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