Thoughts from a messy mind: Just People

My life is full of impossible friendships
That turned into growing, loving relationships.

First impressions may be something, but by no means are they everything.

My best friend – we started as mere acquaintances, just two people with common friends;
My boyfriend – we started as nobodies who met each other randomly, and later ran into each other through mutual friend gatherings;
Two very different people.

But in life, just because you know what you want doesn’t mean that that’s what is right for you.
Sometimes knowing what you want is less important than knowing what you don’t want at all.

Thousands of people enter and exit our lives, but those who stay – whether due to the fact that they live in close proximity, or they become people we do not like, or they become our close friends, or those who are something in between – those who stay for whatever reason: they become of value to our own lives.

This value we may not fully understand; especially after things such as heartbreak, betrayal, and lost love.  But there is value, no doubt.

So next time you meet someone and they don’t strike you as “friend material,” give them a chance – no matter what you have heard about them.

Give chances, discover people yourself and do not be quick to pass judgments based on the talk that you have heard about them.

Situations change people. Friendships change people. God changes people.

So why hold something against someone who has not had the chance yet to show you who they are and what they value.

People are mysteries.

Friends are treasures.

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