Being friends with girls.

In my past, I didn’t consider myself to have been blessed with the best of girl friends.
Growing up, I learned the hard way that friends are not always dependable, loving, or there when I needed them most.
Throughout the years and after many, many tears – I gave up.

I couldn’t see the point of being a good friend to a girl who would later make fun of me in front of a boy on whom I had a crush on.
I didn’t want friends who didn’t care about me. I was needy, desperate for a really good friend.
Yes, I was a child, but I wanted a friendship that would be forever. I wanted something that most kids don’t really think about in elementary school, something people only think about once they get out of high school.

So, I didn’t build these friendships. I gave up. I didn’t give up crying about it to my mother until about high school.
I just wanted to be friends with someone who I could have sleep overs with, watch movies, go camping, climb trees, ride bicycles, read books, etc with.

I wanted to be friends with a girl whose main concerns were not hair, make up, boys, gossip, and being popular.
I wanted to be friends with a girl who would not be interested in my boy friends.
I wanted to be friends with a girl who wanted to be friends with me, just because.

My mother told me to pray about it.
She said that that’s how friends worked. She said that that’s just how people were and that my expectations were wonderful, but that I had to realize that people would always be flaky, inconsistent, and superficial.
My mother told me to pick up all of my tears and turn my disappointment into motivation.
She told me to focus on being a good friend to God and to trust him to find me people who would change my life for the better.
So that’s what I did. I invested more time into becoming a good friend. I invested more time into my relationship with God.
I prayed, and mostly, I waited.

Mind you, I was a thirteen year old girl at the time.
I didn’t understand many things, and I had been disenchanted with many of my relationships.
But I truly believed that life was beautiful.

I focused on school, and I loved my books.
I spent more time with family.
But I kept asking for a friend, “just ONE God, please?”

He gave me three!
I met each of them independently, I thought they were kind of weird.
We were all going through the preteen phase…that should explain a lot.
We were just regular old friends, but we had something so very extraordinary (and we didn’t even know it).

Although life is crazy, busy, and fast
Although distance is an inconvenience-
Although we’ve had our ups and downs…
Something so beautiful unites us.


I miss you girls, so very much.
You three are blessings.
Cannot wait for the Thanksgiving reunion- for hugs and stories and adventures.

Lots of love.


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