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Freedom isn’t about being reckless or heartless.
Freedom is letting go of everything that weighs heavy on your soul.
Freedom is opening your eyes to new experiences and ways of knowing.
Freedom is about not allowing failure or struggle to discourage you.
Freedom is being comfortable with your own thoughts, with your actions, with you.

Freedom is the ability to find happiness in a broken world.

Lake Tahoe after the sunrise.

Thoughts from a messy mind: Lessons Learned from Henry

June 3, 2011

He swims and splashes

Without a care in the world.

He makes a scene when he wants his water changed

And he stares when he wants me to feed him

Now tell me that fish are not intelligent creatures.

I feed him, I love him, I care for him.

He trusts me.

It took him a while – in the beginning, he would sit at the bottom of his bowl, facing the window.

He wouldn’t play, he wouldn’t  play his little game of bubbles.

He just sat, and sulked.

It made me sad to see him so sad.

I thought of returning him to the store tank, full of fellow goldfish.

But the thought of returning him to that gross tank, where his friends float upside down within days..scared me, made me change my mind.

I thought of getting him a friend, but his bowl is just too small for two fish, and there was no way I had the time to manage a full on aquarium.

So now he was sad and I was sadder.

And I felt like there was nothing I could do.

So I went on making sure his home was clean and he was fed – the basics of survival.

A few weeks passed, and Henry began to trust me.

His dependence on me for food and clean water was obviously one of the reasons.

But I believe he began to know that I cared for him – because I provided him with his needs every single day.

He plays with me, and he likes to show off how fast he can swim when I’m near his fishbowl.

I can feel his happiness, and it makes me smile.

“Calm down, he’s just a fish” – that’s what my friends and family seem to tell me everyday.

No, he’s not “just a fish.”

He is my very first pet.

I assumed responsibility for him, and I have succeeded.

This new responsibility shows me how dependent all living things are.

Yes, humans may be “intelligent creatures.”

But at the end of the day, the only thing that matters for our physical survival is food and a safe environment.

We may be able to invent all sorts of cool, techy things, but without the basics, we are pretty much hopeless.

I am dependent on God.

He provides for me. I trust Him.

Not only does He provide me with the basics, but he provides me with friendship, wisdom, and love.

His provisions are immeasurable.

Why not trust and befriend the one who has loved me first, who will never, ever leave?