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Walking away.

Fill your life with people who are positive and driven. Surround yourself with those who are honest, intelligent, and bring happiness into your life. Too many times, it’s our failing relationships that put unnecessary stress and frustration into our lives. If a remedy is impossible, maybe it means that it’s time to walk away



An observation. (#1)

He holds his fists together tight,
Anger (or desperation) tightens his face
Erases his laughing lines, tightens his lips together
Forces his eyes to open wide with frustration
At a loss for words.

Closing his eyes, he exhales deeply
But nothing happens, the world spins
Same place, same quiet night, same situation.

He is still thinking, analyzing, searching for words
But nothing can make anything better
If they don’t understand now, they never will.
Words do not come, but he cannot quit

Not now, not like this…but how?

And the world keeps spinning, time keeps running,
Life keeps coming
In waves – whether he’s ready or not.
He remains at a loss for words, at a loss for thoughts,
But he has found something he never dreamed of searching for.