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Words Behind Bars

There is so much to say,
But so little silence.
So many thoughts –
But sleep creeps in, and then they are lost
Lost, lost, lost forever in dreamland.

Every confusion, every mistake –
Speaks and never ceases to attack
The helpless mind, that has no alternative but to call it a day,
Admits defeat, but refuses to quit trying…
Tomorrow, tomorrow:  thoughts will be free.

But there is no time to let one’s mind wander.
And there is so little courage to grant freedom to words.
Everyday, tedious tasks occupy ninety-nine percent of our thinking faculties,
Everyday, our own judgmental inclinations seal our lips and freeze our tongues-
Yet we continue to justify our silence to ourselves,  claiming it arises out of fear of criticism from others.

Thus, words remain behind bars.
Thoughts remain in compartments in our hearts.
They are factors in our decision-making processes, our value judgments, our emotions.
They define our perception of the world, yet they are buried, hidden, obscure, personal.
They define our relationships with others, ourselves, our surroundings.
So powerful, so secret, but yet so universal.


Midterms and chalk and city lights.

I sit in a study lounge on the seventh floor.
I see San Francisco glisten and flicker in the distance.

I have blue chalk all over my palms.

My nose is pink and my fingers are numb.
It’s a quiet, cold Friday night.

It’s definitely November.

As I sit with my books and notes and confusions,
I am saddened by the lack of connection I feel to this place, these people,  this…life.

I find far more excitement in my studies than in those who surround me.
I find more purpose in sleep than in building friendships I don’t want to have with my lovely, intelligent peers.
I find comfort in my relationship with my God and my family.
I feel loved, yes, but so very lost.

Perhaps “misplaced” is a better term, I don’t know.
I know that I made the right choice by moving out here – not because I envisioned myself embracing this place, but because it is the temporary/necessary/intermediate step that I needed to take.
I needed this for something better to be available to me in the future.

But I’ve grown so apathetic.
I have accepted this feeling of loneliness.
My mind has established that this is not home, nor could it ever be.
But my heart keeps telling me that something is just…wrong.

Life is so very beautiful and so very short.
It’s about building lasting relationships.
Living is not intended to be a solitary activity – regardless of this popular idea that one is “forever alone”
No, we are forever alone because we choose to be forever alone.
We choose to keep love inside our own hearts, and wrap love around ourselves. We refuse to share it with strangers who may need it more than anything. We refuse to build frienships because we are too selfish, we are too focused on our own lives and aspirations.

But what good are achieved dreams,
If at the end of the day, you can’t sit next to a fire with a warm cup of tea, fresh cookies, and laugh, cry, and  share life with a friend, a lover, heck – even a kind stranger?
What good is extreme independence and solitude, if it inhibits our ability to love and be loved?