Monthly Archives: November 2010

Love and other misconceptions.

That they say we’re too young to know what love is.
And as we grow up, the chance that we’ll grow apart is high.

But he is Love to Me.
Therefore, I believe that love has millions of definitions, but one indescribable feeling. He’s my definition.

Say all you want.  We’re young and this is Magic.

It’s sad that as people live more, they love less. They tell us we can’t know what love is because we don’t know it’s pain and hardships. Well, maybe what they’re talking about isn’t love at all. Because the love I know – it has no pain and no hardships, it’s just a feeling that cannot be hidden. Pain and hardship come from disappointment, betrayal, loss in the ones we love, and in the end, they are the aftermath, perhaps, of our relationships. But love? Pain and hardship are definitely not in any one of those millions of definitions.